Widespread impact of social media on the justice system

Social media is an integral part of the Internet in today’s time, which is being used by more and more people in the world, where it provides an online platform where the user can create a public profile and publicly communicate. It also allows creating websites and interacting with people.

Social networking is also being used to share one’s thoughts and talk to known people and strangers.

For example, if we talk about the process like Facebook, Twitter etc., the user’s personal information available on the website also gets processed. This process is based on information technology where various types of software are used in it and in this way, Wherever different types of software are being used, the networking site is made vulnerable to threats without understanding the technical dependence on the same.

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Positive impact of social media

Social media has become a medium to connect with the world and it is a very important tool which has given a new dimension to communication in the world.

Where social media has become a voice for those people who are a little different from the social people and whose voice is suppressed. CRIMINAL JUSTICE CYBERCRIME

In today’s time, social media is a good means of business for many businessmen and for many individuals it is a form of job.

Many types of jobs have become available with social media.

Today it is also being used to spread awareness among the class citizens.

Apart from this, there are some other things also which have a positive impact on social media.

join the community

While social media enables lawyers and judges to stay connected with each other, it also enables social dynamics and better understanding of the issues affecting the society.

spreading legal awareness

It is working as a catalyst for legal awareness by making legal information more accessible to the general public.

equitable access to information

Social media ensures convenient and equitable access to information despite geographical remoteness.

E-hearing and live streaming

Social media has introduced e-hearings and live streaming of court proceedings which will promote transparency and accessibility to the people in the country. CRIMINAL JUSTICE CYBERCRIME

misuse of social media

As far as social media is concerned, most of the content on it is violating the law prohibiting insult to religious sentiments and national symbols. The finding of a large number of objectionable content in this short period shows that social media is being misused. Is also happening.

On the one hand, it is working to spread awareness among the people, on the other hand, it is distorting the historical facts and presenting them to the public. It is not only giving a different form to the historical events but is also distorting the historical facts of the leaders who were the architects of independence. Is also sharing wrong information about.

If we talk about it, according to the report of the World Economic Forum, the spread of misinformation through social media is emerging very fast in the world. Believe me, this is not only a hindrance in the progress of the country but it is necessary that if it is not taken care of then This can also lead to dangerous consequences in the future, efforts should be made to prevent it completely.

Social media has provided an opportunity to even the person standing at the last corner of the society to connect with the main stream of the society. Talking about statistics, currently there are about 350 million social media users in India. According to the survey of 2019, the average Indian user is 2.4. Spend hours on social media. CRIMINAL JUSTICE CYBERCRIME

Social media always remains in the discussion due to its criticism. Media’s role. Social media always remains in the discussion due to its criticism. The role of media is one where the social harmony gets disturbed and the thinking that divides the society instead of positive thinking is promoted. Getting for.

Controlling the misuse of social media has become a big challenge for policy makers in India and people are also considering it more seriously.

Trials on social media can create negative and biased narratives in the minds of legal practitioners and community members that are often based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

The legal functionary may face excessive criticism and criticism from persons with limited knowledge of the facts. This may create an unfair public opinion in the society.

The influence of social media may inadvertently bring bias into the judge’s decision-making process as he or she may also feel a pressure to align with public sentiments. If we talk about the example, in the Gyaan Vyapar Masjid case, social media had played an important role in creating communal problem regarding this case. Different constituents had given different interpretations which led to threats to the judge and intervention of the Supreme Court. This has unfortunate consequences. CRIMINAL JUSTICE CYBERCRIME

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